Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Which Way is Up?

This is a piece I did a while back that continues to puzzle me.  I originally designed it and hung it this way:

...which makes it easier to read.  In fact, another version of it was published in Somerset Studio magazine in the Fall of '05 and they oriented it this way as well.

But then...I lent it to a show for charity, and when I walked in it had been hung this way:

...which I kind of liked.  No so readable, but the texture is nice and maybe more interesting.

What do you think???

(The full text, by Oliver Wendell Holmes:  There are no less than fifty-eight different pieces in a violin.  These pieces are strangers to each other, and it takes a century, more or less, to make them thoroughly acquainted.  At last they learn to vibrate in harmony, and the instrument becomes an organic whole as if it were a great seed-capsule which had grown from a garden bed in Cremona, or elsewhere.)


  1. i think it's gorgeous any way you look at it!!! interesting to see how someone else interpreted it, though! :))

  2. Really nice! You say you're new to calligraphy but your calligraphy is beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much for your encouragement! Much appreciated.

  4. I had been wondering the same thing, then decided I like it the way you have it, the vertical orientation looking perhaps a bit bottom-heavy. How about diagonal?!



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