Monday, June 21, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Still riffing on Judy Detrick's wonderful "Decorated Caps" class for the Friends of Calligraphy a while back!  For these I used my largest broad nib and drew the letters in J. Herbin cyclamen ink, then dropped in my old standby, Spectralite 56K gold (which conveniently comes with an eyedropper installed). 

After the letter was dry (sometimes with a little paper-towel wicking to take away the puddles) I added the rest of the name with pointed pen, full bleed.

Thank goodness for thank-you notes, which give me a great excuse to play!

As always, a beautiful notecard helps to inspire...


  1. hi jody! your letterforms are beautiful.....and what fun those decorated letters must be to play with!! i've been snooping around on your blog a bit, and i'm blown away by your gothic exemplar......made with paper cut into ribbons!!! wow!! thanks so much for stopping by my's great to meet you! :)))

  2. Likewise, Lori! I really admire your work.



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