Monday, May 11, 2015

Puttin' On The Spritz

Issey Miyake City Blossom event

Here's me at the office! Spent the last two weekends personalizing Mother's Day cards to go along with fragrance purchases at Macy's San Francisco flagship store on Union Square. Lots of crazy, busy fun!

My Burberry event


  1. Hi Jody, my name is kate and l have just stumbled upon your blog, lve been going through your posts and l just love the engrossers work you do, the capital letters in the Marin Waldorf School certificate and the workshop with Rosemary Buczek are such stunning, l was wondering where or if there are books around that teach this , l would really like to learn how to do this style, l have been doing calligraphy for 2 1/2 years , but to my knowledge there is no one in Australia that teaches that style, would love your advice.......thanks ...kate

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for your kind words and apologies for taking so long to respond! I know Australia is an enormous country, but you have one of the "rock stars" of calligraphy and illumination, Gemma Black, in Tasmania. You can see her work at; if she's too far away, she may know someone closer to you. Good luck!



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