Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chalk It Up

Oh my, how time does fly.  I have not posted since before IAMPETH...more on that later...but I have found a new way to keep my hand in the lettering world and fulfill some of my work duties at the same time. 

At the school where I work, the old easel we used to post notices finally gave up the ghost and could barely stand.  Happily, I found this "weatherized Oak Street A-Frame Sidewalk Sign" from billyBoards, intended for use with (also weatherproof) Zig Posterman markers. They withstand water, i.e. rain, and come off with Windex.

It's amazing, after a long day in the office, how much I unwind while sketching and chalking these messages!  It's become a (usually) Friday afternoon ritual.

It was a fun challenge to fit all the information on this one:

Since the theme of this one is "Simplicity Holidays", maybe the design ought to have been, well, simpler...

The board is two-sided, so I can be working on one side while still displaying the other. Happiness!


  1. Wow! You are rockin' it with the ZIG Postermans. Great work!

  2. We saw one of your readers come into our Zig Posterman website on our network management system. Ziggy is definitely going to follow you on Pintrest!

    We would love to reprint this on our website as an application note. We would cross promote and send people back to your outstanding work!



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