Monday, November 28, 2011

The Saga Continues

One of the highlights of October was my third visit to Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio for the Spencerian Saga.  The sunset over Lake Erie the first night could not have been more welcoming.

This year it was the Engrossers' Saga--a once-every-five-year occurrence--and the 25th anniversary of the annual workshop.  I've already said plenty about the Saga here, but this one seemed to bring together a lot of things I had been dabbling with and helped me see how I could put them to use in a cohesive piece.  Stay tuned for that one...

From Ohio I went to meet my sister at my beloved Findley Lake, New York, to stay at the Blue Heron Inn the Lakeview Room, of course!

I decided to put some of my new-found skills to work as I signed the guestbook.  Maybe no one will ever see it, but I love knowing that it's there!

Back home, while messing around on the internet I discovered that my son had been named "Mr. November" at his college back East.  Not sure what that's all about, but used it to adorn the 3 X 5 card that will be enclosed with his exam-week care package:

Onward to December...!


  1. I attended the Engrossing Saga 5 years ago! ...and I have also been three times. I wish our paths had crossed.

    I love the work you have done here! What a treat that guest book is!

    Have a lovely week.~~

  2. Jody, The pictures are breathtaking and the lettering divine! I love the Sickles letters!

    I have to send you a special 'Thank you' for sharing my info to your peers about the dinky dips. THANK YOU!


  3. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Dana and Jo! Dana, I too wish we'd met there! Someday... Jo, you're very welcome. The dinky dips were a big hit at the last workshop I attended in Berkeley, deservedly so!

  4. Beautiful work Jody!! (and photos too - I can see why Findley Lake is so special to you.) Hope your Mr. November nails his finals and arrives home safe and sound.



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