Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Buncha Uncial

There's a local institution that asks me each year to inscribe their graduates' names on their diplomas.  The first year, I was given a sample of their previous calligrapher's work, which was a very bold Uncial hand.  I thought it was a bit odd for a diploma, but have come to appreciate how it goes with the rest of the document (which I'm not showing here, but take my word for it...).  Now I have lots of fun playing with letter variations, "to-dot-or-not-to-dot" (a point on which Ward Dunham and Sheila Waters will forever disagree), and how to squeeze some of those very long names onto the page with this expansive hand.

One solution is to overlap letters---love the double-double-Ns.


  1. Hi Jody,
    Now this is what I call art! I cannot see your e-mail address on your profile - on the question of photoshop - I am self taught so wouldn't be able to give you such expert advice, mostly I googled specific tutorials and tried it out, trial and error - story of my life ;-) If you have specific questions, make a list and e-mail to me(tan@24.com) and I will try and answer best I can. Looking forward to hear from you - keep well, Tania

  2. your uncial is absolutely dreamy!!! it looks beautiful on these certificates!! and i cast my vote for "to dot"..... :)))

  3. Love your uncial hand! You really have a gift for it. I like the dots!

  4. And I like your uncials too.....you did a great job on 'squeezing' in the letters - as you say it takes a lot of space for this hand.



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